Teach-in for Climate Justice

Monday, March 01, 2010

From March 1st to 12th an International Campaign called the “Teach-in for Climate Justice” is taking place, during which professors at Universities in BC, Ontario, and around the world are encouraged to put aside 20 minutes of class to discuss how Climate Justice is relevant to their discipline.

Climate Justice brings together people of all different backgrounds and interests to recognize that those who will be, and already are, hit hardest by anthropogenic climate change are not the same as the industrial society that created the problem. Fewer days of frozen lakes make Canadian aboriginal communities that rely on ice roads less able to transport necessary supplies; drought in Sub-Saharan Africa is exacerbating the situation in already famine stricken areas; and sea level rising will soon leave millions of Bangladeshis without a home.

In much of the industrialized world we have accumulated the capital to, at least preliminarily, buffer us from the effects of climate change. True Climate Justice could rectify this situation by creating a new global paradigm in which prosperous and sustainable lifestyles are accessible for everyone, additional anthropogenic climate change is mitigated, and those most affected have the tools to adapt.

As a site of idea creation, universities can play an important role in leading us towards Climate Justice; and because of the all-encompassing nature of the problem, people from all disciplines and walks of life must be involved in finding solutions. Therefore, all professors, regardless of their knowledge of climate justice, are encouraged to put aside a few minutes of their class to show this video, and hopefully also engage in a short conversation with students about how their discipline can contribute to a world with Climate Justice. For more information and a full faculty guide visit http://teachinforclimatejustice.com or contact Green Campus at greencampusottawa@gmail.com.

Everyone is also invited to attend a panel discussion on Climate Justice featuring engaging professors from four different disciplines on Wednesday, March 10th at 7pm in CBYB012.


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