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Monday, May 17, 2010

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The weeks are flying by here, and somehow, the gigantic Dump&Run mountain of clothing, food, dishes and other miscellaneous items has nearly entirely been reduced to easy-to-donate boxes. There’s still some work to do yet, but we’re now heading out of the woods rather than trying to figure out how to dislodge ourselves from the brambles.

This past week, I had the opportunity to mention where I work to a lot of people I know, and ended up fielding a lot of questions concerning the bottled water ban. For the most part, the response was incredibly positive; however, regardless of their responses, I found that very few of the individuals in question were adequately informed of the logic behind the ban, and the extent (in all fairness, we are still working on the latter). The students have to be informed, or, as is the custom in large groups of poorly-informed people, speculations and rumours will come to be accepted as the norm, leading to a whole host of other issues to deal with in the future. In order to avoid this situation, and to have this ban be widely accepted, our next step is clear: we must create a more effective communication network for the next phase of this initiative.

- vedrana

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