Sustainability Center Celebrates Their Grand Opening

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Photo Credit: Danika Brisson's camera

Last night the SFUO’s Sustainability Center got things started with a bang. The center, which is only a couple of months old, held their first open house with the community. There was cake, and juice, and oh yes.... reusable dishes.

Opted for a whiteboard instead of a paper flip chart, the Center assembled a group of environmentally minded individuals in the Café Alt to discuss how the community would like to see the Center play a role on campus. In fact, all were invited to attend.

There were a myriad of ideas: everything from more options for vegetarians, to more assessments of how green are the SFUO businesses, to creating a blog to increase information flow for opportunities (hhhmmmm I think that at this point I feel it is my duty to at least offer this blog as a potential candidate for more helping centralize green activities).

I walked away from the meeting feeling pretty good. For years there have been a handful of environmental initiatives on campus that have all worked well in seclusion but would benefit from some cross-pollination of ideas and people. Hopefully this Center could do all that, and with a little luck maybe more.

What does the future hold for the Sustainability Center? Well I guess that question is up to the community. If you want to have your say in what happens, drop the coordinator of the Center an email. To be fair, there was actually a whole list of things mentioned at the meeting that I didn’t include in the post (including the resource center chalked full of DVDs and books). So I suggest checking out the website or going to the Sustainability Center for more info.


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