Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Photo credit: Jonathan Rausseo

So long as something 'guaranteed' by a company/product is not written in clear, factual letters or official, governmentally issued symbols (Such as the plastic 1-7 recycling sign), you can pretty safely assume that assuming anything about them is a bad idea.

A prime example of this is the "Respect the Environment" text written on the bottom of a Tim Horton's coffee cup, or the fact that there is a picture of a Tim Horton's cup on the 'paper' section of Tim Horton's waste stations. Is the Tim Horton's coffee cup recyclable?

TECHNICALLY the answer is yes. TECHNICALLY, if coffee HASN'T BEEN POURED INTO THE CUP YET, the cup is paper recyclable. But the moment coffee has been poured into a disposable cup, it stains the inner edge of the cup and makes it damp and completely useless. On top of that, if any coffee is left in the cup when it's disposed (Which is all too common a happenstance for our disgustingly wasteful society), then that liquid will spill through the rest of the paper in the recycling bin and render it ALL useless. I bet that in the history of all the Tim Hortons' paper 'recycling' bins all across Canada, about one bag of mixed paper has actually been recycled.

Last week, in order to try and compete with this, we offered free, all-you-can-drink, organic, fair trade coffee to anyone who brought in a coffee mug. 8 people stopped to quickly grab a coffee or two.

The nearby Tim Horton's was offering $1.22 300ml pesticide ridden mass-produced coffee made by manipulated farmers to anyone who stood in line for 40 minutes. 39 people were in line when I checked.

I noticed someone had a mug with them
"Hey, you know we're giving out free coffee down the hall, right?"
"Well why are you standing in line?"
"Cuz it's roll up the rim to win!"

There is a 1 in 6 chance of winning roll up the rim. There is a 1 in 2 chance that, if you do win, you will win a 'free' coffee. For every $7.32 you spent and every 6 environment-destroying coffee cups you use, you might save $1.22.

We were GUARANTEEING money-free, waste-free, slavery-free, pesticide-free FREE COFFEE.


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