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Monday, August 08, 2011

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Vegetarian Restaurants in and around Ottawa / Restaurants végétariens de la région de la capitale nationale

5. Perfection-Satisfaction-Promise (PSP) is practically located right on campus. Rare are such calming spaces as the one offered at PSP during the day. You will always be greeted with a smile and serenity even in the peaks of lunch hour. The menu is simple and filling. The lentil soup and mango lassies are delicious!

4. La Belle Verte ne reçoit que de bons compliments, en particulier pour ses desserts. C’est un restaurant végétalien cru. Ce restaurant offre aussi une cure de désintoxication de 5 jours pour ceux qui souhaite rafraîchir leur système.

3. Green Earth offers a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan food on its menu. Prices are very reasonable and we are told everything is quite tasty.
2. The Table vous présente un énorme buffet frais duquel vous vous servez à même les plats après quoi votre assiette est pesée pour déterminer le prix de votre repas. Le montant total peut grimper assez vite mais c’est si bon!

1. The Green Door is one of the oldest vegetarian restaurants in Ottawa. You can see them catering their delicious foods around town and at the Folk Festival among other events. You will never be disappointed by the cozy home-made feel of everything that comes out of this place.

Mentions Spéciales

Zen Kitchen presents Ottawa with Gourmet organic vegan foods. Prices were a bit too high to make our Top 5 but it is definitely a place to check out for a special occasion.

Govinda’s deserves a special mention and special thanks for tirelessly feeding students and the sandy hill community. The menu and the hospitality of this extension of a Hare Krishna Temple has been the same for many years thanks to the work of a few volunteers and a very dedicated owner.

Sorry to high jack this blog entry but I just had to add Café My House. This is a magical little place that I visited with my friend for her birthday. My hats off, great veggie options, incredible prices, and a super awesome staff. My personal recommendation is the Kahlua Mocha. And if you get a chance, check out their blog... it is a really nicely constructed site with lots of information.


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