Dressing up at the Free Store: Clever Treasures for a Student's Wardrobe

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

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Each spring, I end up looking at my wardrobe in complete desolation.  I never know how to dress when the weather gets too warm to wear my winter coat and boots, but not warm enough yet to wear my favorite summer dresses and skirts.  Adds to my desperation when I sort through my stuff and find clothes that I haven’t worn in years…

So this year I decided to see things differently.  Rather than keeping all of my old clothes, I decided to bring everything I didn’t want anymore to the Free Store.  And over there, I was able to find some great pieces that could easily be paired with accessories and basic pieces that I already owned in order to create new and fun outfits.  With the help of other students working and volunteering with the Office of Campus Sustainability, I was able to organize a photoshoot to show you where a little creativity can take you.
As the weather gets warmer, sweaters often get pushed over to the top shelf of the closet, never to be seen again… But you can keep wearing cozy sweaters when you pair them correctly.

two students pose in front of the living wall

Left: Lindsay picked up a sweater, scarf and skirt at the Free Store, and paired them with some boots and a hat that she owned to create a polished look.

Right: Mija found a great but slightly oversized sweater at the Free Store, so she tucked it under a small belt in order to give it a little shape, and chose form fitting jeans to go with it.  To complete the look, she added some necklaces and a great pair of shoes.  

Every now and then, the Free Store receives items that you would not believe have been donated, and other times it’s hard to imagine how to use some articles we find.  So we decided to pair some of those items together to see what happens.

three students pose in some of their Free Store picks

Left: A ripped up plaid-shirt arrived at the Free Store a few weeks ago.  It may be a bit too edgy for some, but Lindsay kept it under control with a black belt, skirt and tuque (all from the Free Store) and some of her own necklaces.
Centre: Rochelle is rocking this Free Store faux leather jacket and printed skirt with even crazier printed tights of her own!  She added a little color and fun with a scarf and a graphic tee-shirt found in the Free Store’s men section.
Right: There’s nothing more boring yet versatile than a plain tank-top.  The Free Store has many, and in many colors, but Nadia thought this grey one would go great with this Free Store cardigan and tuque.  Paired with a pair of jeans borrowed from a friend, this look costed absolutely nothing!

Guys, I haven’t forgotten about you.  Even if the Free Store’s men section is slightly smaller than the women’s, it still holds a bunch of good finds. 

A student poses in front of the Free Store

In this look, Chris wanted to showcase as many Free Store items as possible.  Since the Free Store has a bunch of mittens, scarfs and tuques, he simply picked his favorites.  He also managed to grab this great plaid shirt and graphic tee shirt, as well as shoes his size.  Why not add a Free Store tie?
The Free Store is open Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10 am to 3 pm, and will be closing for the summer starting April 11th.  That leaves you very few days to go grab some clothes and revamp your wardrobe!  So go crazy for Free Store clothes but stay wise: donate what you’re not using and try not to binge! 

~ frédérique - volunteer and outreach coordinator
photo credit - jonathan rausseo

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