The Day is Coming

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Little by little things do change, even on campus. Indeed the day is coming when there will no longer be any cars on campus at all. The University of Ottawa is slowly but surely becoming a pedestrian campus.

You may have noticed that there have been a few new additions to the campus lately, in the form of large square concrete flower beds.

The first instinct is to assume that these concrete containers are part of an initiative to keep the campus beautiful, and undeniably you would be right. The planters are filled with wonderfully colourful plants that do serve to beautify the campus... but there is more to them.

Emboldened by his new post as University Ground Keeper, Benoit has been working hard to keep the campus beautiful. And one of the ways to accomplish this is to impede the ruin of grass and plants by eliminating the flow of cars that continuously trample them.

The concrete planters have been strategically deployed on campus to reduce the movement of cars on campus in places that they shouldn’t be. Soon it is hoped that this initiative will expand to create more pedestrian only spaces on campus.


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