The Last Hooray

Monday, January 25, 2010

So something pretty cool is going to happen on Tuesday. It could have a substantial transformative impact on the campus community but we won’t really know until next week. But just the fact that it is going to happen is kind of inspirational in its own right.

Okay, I am sure that you are quite aware that I am teasing you right now but come on; we all love a little suspense right? Well anyways on Wednesday, City Council will be listening to delegates talking about the U-Pass. This is part of a big push to get the City to adopt a U-Pass for students at $145 per semester.

This alone isn’t really that amazing but I haven’t mentioned that the delegates of the various presentations include students from Carleton University and the University of Ottawa; as well as executives from both student federations.
This continues a long tradition of intervention in the City of Ottawa by the respective universities. Believe it or not, the University of Ottawa has a vested interest in making sure that Ottawa is a prosperous city. Call it self-interest or altruism but this makes sense; if the City thrives so does the University and vice-versa. I mean how can an institution of this size not have a significant impact on the surrounding community?

Think about it. If the University decides to open a new campus, than the area surrounding it becomes valuable for renting. If the University decides to shift the majority of its classes to a night schedule, than the traffic patterns in the City will change.

All this to say, the University has just as much of an interest in providing affordable transportation for its students as the City does. And that’s why this Tuesday January 26th on top of all the delegates presenting for the U-Pass, Allan Rock will stand in solidarity with the students and present in favour of the pass. I don’t know about you but I thought that this is pretty cool.

If you feel like showing your support, drop by City Hall on Tuesday at 10:30 am for the budget delegations.

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