Want to get rid of bottled water?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Do you see a need to eliminate the sale of bottled water on our campus?
Do you still buy bottled water?
Do you think it’s easy to get an entire campus to boycott bottled water?

Should we stop buying it to show the university that it should not be sold on campus? I certainly boycott bottled water, and know many people who do, but that wave takes a long time to catch on. Let’s try a more proactive approach.

With all of the hard work that’s gone into water fountain infrastructure and Bottled Water Free Day, and even some of the municipal water ads the city has been putting out, we are close.

Spread the word, just a thought.
That’s it for now. Enjoyed Bottled Water Free Day this week on Thursday, March 11. There will be tons of events including water tasting, film screenings, and important discussions. And in the evening you can join our engineers and architects for the “no idea too green” discussion on the new student centre.

Check out www.bottledwaterfreeday.ca for more info
-sarah jayne

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