What was that?! Compostable chip bags?

Monday, March 08, 2010

‘Starting March 2010, SunChips® bags will be made from more than 90% renewable, plant-based materials – allowing it to completely break down in a hot, active compost pile in about 14 weeks.’

It is about time! There’s way too much packaging waste that comes with the foods we eat, and most of the time this packaging is not reusable, not recyclable nor compostable.
These new bags are certified through the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI), which means that they can be composted in many waste management programs (such as the Green Bin Program).

I am not sure of the City of Ottawa will accept them; information will surely become available soon. I am going to be piloting a few in our new electric composter in the next couple of weeks. The organic waste spends about six to eight weeks in our machine, and then four to six weeks maturing in a pile. According to the information on their website, the bags should be gone by the 14th week. We will keep you posted on the developments of the composting chip bag pilot project.

I am glad that at least one corporation is being responsible by taking interest in piloting their first compostable chip bag, and trying to find solutions for our enormous waste problem. Hopefully the project is a huge success and others will follow in their footsteps by using and improving the bags.
We have to start somewhere!

- brigitte

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