Last Dance

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This is the experience of myself, at a place I never thought I would work (or more like being volun-told). This is also my first real blog that I have done, so go easy on the criticism eh?

I came late in the Katimavik Program and therefore did not get to experience life before the famous Dump-N-Run program that has brilliantly put in place by Jon and Brigitte; however I found the concept thoroughly intriguing. Getting people to donate (for them more like throw away) any old, used, or just unwanted things (whether it be clothes, books, bedding, bathroom accessories, dishes, electronic equipment, etc) instead of throwing it in the trash. So Eco friendly!!

There has been MANY an hour sorting through clothes, washing and folding sheets and towels, doing dishes (ugh those nasty dishes!!) nonetheless I have quite enjoyed myself! (I know, odd eh? The act of enjoying this slavery has even mystified myself) I’ve met numerous wonderful people that I do wish to keep in contact with, and see again throughout the course of my life.
No matter what anyone tells you (even themselves) Brigitte and Jon are two wonderful people to work for.

I dread the thought of going to work back home, for that is the awesomeness of these two! (if either of you two are reading this now, don’t let it go to your head tho haha)

Hmm what else to write?? Well, I suppose I can leave you with one last bit of wisdom: One persons trash is another’s treasure. Before you decide to throw out those clothes, give them to a salvation army, a thrift store, homeless on the street, or invite a bunch of friends over to do a clothes swap!

Take care of yourself !

Jerrica Thibeau, “Katimaslave” of 2010 J

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