Numbers, numbers, numbers

Friday, June 11, 2010

After a full month of frustration and reward in equal measure, the Dump & Run draws to a close. The storage is full, roughly 100 boxes filled with various items have been donated to charities, and Leblanc is no longer my second home. Before closing the book on Dump & Run 2010 for good, though, I wanted to share some information about it with the general public. Everyone likes numbers, right?

The total amount of stuff collected weighs 2.4 tonnes.
25% of all the material collected was women’s clothing.
The majority of the miscellaneous kitchen items were toaster ovens and electric kettles.
The total number of boxes filled: 278

And for interest’s sake, here is a quick breakdown of everything collected:

All in all, this year’s campaign was incredibly successful and diverted massive amounts of useable and recyclable items from the landfill. Goodbye for now, Dump & Run, and we will see you next year!


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