Stick that gum somewhere else!

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All of last week and most of this week, several employees at the University of Ottawa have been peeling old gum off all those exam tables that will be placed in the gyms. That is disgusting! You mean to tell me that people cannot wait until they are done their exam and throw out their gum? Then some of those people complain that everything is expensive, or that there is not enough money for those things that they care about at the University…well, maybe if staff weren’t forced to waste over seven days of work to peel off every single piece of gum off of thousands of exam tables, these funds could be used on those things that they care so much about! 

Let’s break that down: four to five people for over 7 days of work…about $ 6,000+. What’s worse; imagine that you had to spend over 50 long hours scratching at old gum on the backs of tables, or cleaning up a mess in residences (you cannot even imagine the worst of them)… any volunteers?

The next time you are writing an exam, and feel the need to get rid of your flavourless gum, just think of the person who is going to have to scratch it off. Just wrap it (in a piece of anything!) and please wait until you can throw it out.



G. said...

I agree. I also encourage people to think about this when they stick posters on painted walls. The University spends a lot of money re-painting the same walls over and over again. Paint is expensive and bad for the environment (even the new eco-paints) so please use the dedicated cork boards! It will mean that money we have for public spaces can go to creating more cool lounges to hang out in!

jON said...

And posters are a big problem outside too. Everyone puts posters on the University signs and taking them off usually takes off a chunk of paint. This costs a lot of money to repair.

And don't get me started on using trees as posts...