Giftable Apps for a Green Holiday

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Holiday season is around the corner, and some gifts are difficult to come by. Put aside the gift cards and boxes of chocolates. Apple has recently made apps “giftable” so that you may share the Angry Birds fun with your other iphone friends.

For the environmentally conscious friend, why not the Carbon Footprint Calculator? It will help with some decisions and possibly motivate those friends to plant some trees as it calculates the number of these needed to offset their carbon footprint.

Diamond Grading, an app for the occasional diamond buyer. After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

Others wish it could be summer year round so they may go for a sail on a December afternoon. Your budget may not let you buy him a house in the South, but the Waterski Duck should keep that friend busy on those cold days.

Then for those who constantly get lost. In an effort to help them get around, the GPS coordinates may be a sweet choice.

Furthermore, in the new era of technology, it’s always good to know where you stand. With the 4G Speed – Internet Speed Test, your buddy will always be in tune with your bandwidth.

When youtube just isn’t enough for personal entertainment, Funny Pictures should add some cute kittens to their day.

The New Yorker for iphone for those who like to stay informed and entertained.

If work has come between this good friend and you, offer them Mind your business, app which lets them bring the office with them in their back pocket.

Google search would please those always seeking answers about everything (How many teeth does a wombat have?)

In the end, Apple offers an app for everyone, why not use it to your advantage for the holidays? One last piece of advice would be to wait before sending them!


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