Rosy Coloured Garbage

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

WARNING: this blog may offend some that invest time and energy into Valentine’s Day and realize that they are killing the planet after reading. Enjoy!

I get that I am probably too late with this blog post to discourage you from buying your lover a plastic-wrapped, cardboard hidden, something or other that they probably will either devour/toss out in a few days/months/years BUT for next time around… here are some things to consider:

$10 billion USD was spent in 2010 on cards which will most likely be tossed within a week after the 14th. Try sending an e-card, I found some hilarious Harry Potter ones today with Katherine.

189 million roses bought on a single day, which will wilt within a week or so and if that’s any type of metaphor for your relationship… hehe .Stick with something that is going to be around for an extended period of time like a potted plant (they can be pretty too, you know).

17$ billion dollars on chocolate- very delicious, I cannot formulate many arguments against chocolate (because, well, it is chocolate) but I urge you to pick out some fairly traded or organic chocolate and be conscientious about the amount of packaging and whether or not it is recyclable.

And as with all holidays, an experiential gift means more and is better for the planet than something that will most likely end up trashed someday. Grab tickets to his/her favourite band/game/performance, something you can enjoy together!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

~merissa - campus sustainability coordinator
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