Good Progress, Bad Progress

Monday, May 07, 2012

I too used to be an optimistic about technology and science. I thought every time there was a problem either technology was going to fix it or science somewhere, we're over 7 billion on the planet, someone is bound to figure it out. - But now, not so much!It seems that there is good progress and bad progress and sometimes it is difficult to differentiate both of them. Here is an example of what I mean:

We might have found a way to provide ourselves with basic foods such as vegetables and fruits all year round but it beats the purpose of their consumption: they are loosing their nutritional values (vitamins) because of chemicals used to grow them faster and bigger and the way we harvest them.

Moreover, we keep investing in events like " bike for cancer" and "walk for cancer" and so on to get funds to develop more technology and science to find a cure for cancer. Maybe were going in the wrong direction. Maybe it's time to go back to our old habits. Instead of lobbying to get funds for research, we should lobby against the use of chemicals in our food industry and body products or any products we use and has contact with our body. One good outcome of science is that we figured out why cancer cases are increasing: it is not because population is increasing but rather because we are treationg our bodies like machines, we fill our bodies with chemicals through eating and cleaning ourselves and expect to stay alive without any consequences.

It is time now to start being more sustainable, buy more locally and tell our government that we can't take it anymore, we want to eat and live without chemicals, a few voices may not be heard, but millions of voices can!

~alex, campus sustainability coordinator
photo credit - loup niboyet

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