Tell me what you want and I’ll make it happen

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I’ve been working on the newsletter for a while now. Trying to make it sexy, easy to read and damn attractive. Besides lathering it in chocolate and honey (the obvious way to make anything attractive), I guess I could work on the design and the content. Move around the columns and rows. Add some flashy colours.

Maybe I could add some weird content, for example: “Weird fact of the month: A gorilla can fart ten times louder than a human being”. Would that entice more people to read our newsletter? Or maybe I could do like Cosmo does and add a little corny love story at the bottom that will perpetually end with “to be continued”. If that still doesn't work, we could try a section called “Ten ways to crush compost”, for those who’d rather see old fruit explode.

Why am I throwing out so many random ideas? Well, I find it difficult to tell if the content is interesting or not. The content is what I think will interest fellow students. But I don’t know what everyone else wants and/or is thinking about. I kind of wish I could read minds when this happens. You like Bike to Work Month memes? Done! Silly tweets about nasty underwear found during Dump N’ Run? Done! Volunteer opportunities? Sooo done! I’m the Santa of social media.

I just want to make you happy. Tell me what you want and I’ll make it happen.

~katherine - campus sustainability coordinator
photo credit - jonathan rausseo

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