10 Legit Things To Do For Earth Hour

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Image of a scrabble board with the word earth spelled out several times

It’s that time of year again, the time of year when friends and family get together and celebrate simpler times. So often we find ourselves so consumed in our busy lives that we forget what this time of the year is really about, what every time of the year should be about: energy conservation. This Saturday March 23 from 8:00 to 9:00 pm Earth Hour will once again be upon us, and we here at UOttawa will be turning off the lights, in conjunctions with people and organizations around the world in the collective efforts to draw attention to the need for energy conservation.

So here is a list of things you can do this earth hour (in no particular order), while your lights are off

10- Build an epic blanket fort (in hopes that it maybe as awesome as this one (video

9- Candle light games night

8- Candle light dinner with that special someone

7- Make and launch your own aerial luminary (article)

6- Glow in the dark nerf gun fight with your roomates (be careful of furniture that might become a hazard in the dark)

5- Go star gazing (because for once you might be able to see something within the city limits)

4- Coffee house (are you and your friends, roommates, or floor mates talented musicians, why not all get together and show off your acoustic acts - aka unplugged!)

3- Host a good old fashion slumber party (complete with ghost stories, marshmallows roasted over a candle, and what have you! Take this time to catch up with old friends and to have some quality time together)

2- Go for an adventure ( things can look or seem a lot different in the dark, so take this opportunity to go on an adventure and see aside of your neighbourhood or the city that you’ve never seen before, the dimly lit side)

1- Enough with Earth hour, try earth weekend. Go off the grid completely this weekend, while getting in some end of the season winter camping.

Tell us what you’re doing for earth hour, or tweet your energy conservation tips to @uottawasustain, #earthhour,

~ kira - campus sustainability coordinator
photo credit - jonathan rausseo

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