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Thursday, January 21, 2010

So uOttawa might have won the race against the City of Ottawa in getting a mechanical composter, but it’s quite a relief that the City is diverting waste. As most of you are aware, thanks to an impressive marketing campaign, the Ottawa Green Bin program is here! It will be collecting organic waste once every two weeks during the winter Throughout spring, summer and fall, it will be collected weekly. To know when you should put your green bin to the curb, view the collection calendar to keep track of pick up dates.

Like me, you might not have received your bin. This might be because the first phase of the program only delivered to single residential properties, low-rise multi-unit residential properties with six units or less and rural village residents with curbside pick up. Here are the following distribution dates:

Phase 1b: The remaining multi-unit housing with curbside collection will receive their green bins and begin participating in the program before September of 2010.

Phase 2 (2011) will include high-rise, multi-unit residential properties.

Phase 3 (2012), with Council’s approval, will include the rural properties that were not included in the leaf and yard waste / organics collection over the duration of the last contract.

Do not worry Gatineau residents, the first phase of bins will be distributed between May and June 2010 through a program operated by the City of Gatineau! I am beyond happy about these programs and believe that everyone should participate! Let’s all make a difference by helping the National Capital Region to enrich its earth with the nutrient-rich compost while extending the life of its landfills!

Here are some interesting links and documents to help you prepare for the Green Bin:

For more information, call 3-1-1 or visit

- danielle J

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