Time to Dump: the 2010 winter edition

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Photo Credit: Jonathan Rausseo

Yes it is that time of the year again. Everyone on campus hits the malls to start the holiday shopping, starts drinking hot chocolate religiously, and starts getting the skates sharpened for the opening, closing, opening, and closing of the canal (damn you global warming !!!)

But it is also the time of the year that sees the residences close for the holidays. As if exams weren't already stressful enough, the university also sends everyone packing for 2 weeks. Which is not such a bad thing from an energy point of view... but we can have that discussion some other time. This conversation is reserved for the Dump and Run.

So you are about to leave to go home for the holidays, but... you have a ridiculous amount of stuff. A couple of bags clothes that don't fit anymore (damn you taste desserts !!!) or that you've decided just aren't your style, a few boxes of swag (that stuff you pick up for free at tales but that you never really do anything with), maybe even some books that you don't want anymore. What to do with all this stuff?

Well the Office of Campus Sustainability has the solution for you, give it to us ! No we aren't just collecting the stuff because we are hoarders (although secretly I kind of am). We are going to donate your stuff to charity and to the Free Store.

All over residences this year you will see boxes labelled for donation. Donations aren't just new things to give away, they can also be things that you just don't want anymore. Think about it, an old pair of jeans might seem out of style for you but for someone else they could be the difference between comfort and frost-bite. So please take the time to dump some of the things you don't want / need anymore.

The Dump and Run isn't just limited to people in Residences either. If you have articles of clothing, appliances, electronics, books, anything... feel free to drop things off at the Food Bank or the SFUO office (both in the UCU).

Otherwise, contact Brigitte Morin (bmorin@uottawa.ca), the University of Ottawa's Waste Diversion Coordinator, to arrange something.


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