The Results Are In

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Photo Credit: Jonathan Rausseo

A couple of months ago I blogged about the surveys that were being conducted in Eric Crighton's Environmental Studies course (Love and Surveys). For those of you that didn't read it here is the Cole Note's summary... students conducted over 2,000 surveys about environmental issues on campus. This was part of the Experiential Learning Program.

As the results begin to role in I thought that I might take the time to tell you about the recommendations that were made. Each student was asked to only do the surveys, but also include a series of recommendations about how to improve the campus based on their surveys.

The results are in...
Most people recommended that we needed more bins (228). Another 107 recommendations were made to produce more information. 63 people wanted more online content, etcetera. All the big recommendations have been highlighted in the nifty chart up above. They cover everything from recycling to green space to paper consumption.

I thought that it would be nice for people to see what others perceive to be our short-comings on campus. The size of the bubble above represents the proportion of recommendations made. The small grey bubbles represent recommendations under 20. Do you agree? Are these the big things we could do to save our campus?

P.S. A shout out to Vedrana who actually compiled the data for me. She thought that I would like to note that 6 people mentioned "laziness" as the big thing that we need to address.

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