Trash Talking

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

So in the world of scary news we have some developments over in the Fauteux building. It turns out that not all buildings on campus are created equally. You would think that every building produces about the same amount of waste on a per capita basis (waste per person).

Not so it would seem. Brigitte Morin, our waste diversion coordinator, just completed an evaluation of the waste coming out of the Fauteux building and compare it to the Lamoureux building. The results... Fauteux generates about 4 times more waste than Lamoureux.

This brings up a tonne of questions. First, can these two buildings actually be compared. Well it turns out that the Fauteux building is only about 5% biger than Lamoureux; both buildings have a cafeteria; both buildings host tonnes of events; both buildings host professional programs. So on the surface it seems like the two buildings are pretty similar.

The second question, do lawyers inherently create more waste than than teachers? This one is a little less straight forward to answer. Technically each building is populated by a different faculty(Fauteux = Law and Lamoureux = Education) so you could argue that each building has its own cultural differences. But is it possible to infer that lawyers waste more?

One hypothesis that has come up a couple of times is food. It could be that students in teacher's college bring their own lunches (you know, like in high school) and that lawyers are too busy to make their own lunches so they purchase them and have more waste generated from this activity. I mean this is possible but I will leave the final decision to you...


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