Top 5 Sustainable Things You Can Do on Canada Day!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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5… Show up at our event. From 10h30 to noon, on the Tabaret lawn, we need YOU to help us and WE CANada make Human Art. Check out the Facebook page for more information.

4… The National Capital Commission a.k.a. NCC is following in the footsteps of the FolkFest, WestFest, and the likes as it is finally providing us with water stations on C-Day! Bring your own reusable bottle to the events on the Hill. Fill-up on-site and refuse to promote water privatization by buying bottled water.

3… Get to the festivities by bike or public transit. Parking downtown will be nearly impossible anyways with the Royals coming and tourism quadrupling. Use this opportunity to discover our incredible network of cycling paths and the beautiful views they offer. Note: buses will be free from 10 PM onwards.

2... Re-use last year’s gear instead of buying new Canada stuff. Everyone will proudly be sporting the maple leaf paired with the national red and white colour combo. Dig out that old flag or get some face painting done. You won’t be less of a patriot if you refrain from buying new gear year after year. Also, try not to jump on all the free souvenirs being distributed. They are usually promo in disguise for some company and, let’s face it, usually end up in the trash on July 2nd.

1… Whatever you do on Canada Day, please do not litter. You would not believe the state of Parliament Hill and the streets surrounding it and after all has been said and done. Show’em how it’s done and give yourself permission to pick up other people’s litter or recyclables using the many recycling stations that will surround you.

Happy Canada Day!


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