Monday, September 19, 2011

Photo credit: treehugger.com

Last week I tweeted about the Sleep Box, which is, as the name says it, a big box you can rent and sleep/read/relax in for a few hours when waiting for your flight in an airport. If you’d like to try one out, feel free to fly out to Moscow to camp out in a giant wooden box. Now imagine having one of these babies on campus. Wouldn’t that be the best thing ever?

Personally, I live in Hull and bike 30-45 minutes to get to class every day, and then bus for about an hour in the winter (when there is no traffic). So I get here early and stay until the sun goes down. There’s no quick trip home for me! I go to class, practise 5 hours and work. Technically, I don’t really have a lunch hour or a comfy place to crash nearby, which can make napping a little be awkward, especially with the cold weather – I used to doze near the canal during the summer.

I have considered stuffing a hammock into my bike bag and hanging up in random places…as in my practise cubicle in the Perez basement. A slightly less creepy solution would be a SleepBox. There could be one in every building; just reserve online or at the front desk and nap! Result: refreshed, focused and smiling students for the next three-hour lecture. Sustainable? Very! This way, students will be more productive, healthier and probably less stressed. I propose a new type of sustainability, one that offers a bit of sanity to our rushed lifestyles.

More pictures of the Sleep Box are available at the Tree Hugger website


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