We’re all environmentalists

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Recyclemania is slowly coming to an end, leaving in its’ trail optimists, newly enthusiastic recycling addicts, guilt-ridden consciences and some very frustrated people. I’ve noticed that many people having taken the pledge realise how much we actually throw out (and buy), and how we could collectively make a difference. I absolutely agree and often get frustrated when I see paper in the trash can. But I think it’s time for some high fives and thumbs up.

Anyone who took the pledge is awesome in my books. Anyone who became mindful about recycling and composting also get an A. And everyone who just tried a tiny bit to have better recycling habits is pretty darn cool. Why are all these people equally cool in my mind? Because we’re all different. We have different backgrounds, come from different places and don’t all have the same mentality. For example, in the music department, I often hear “purists” bashing about “wanna be musicians”. Which basically mean they do not accept someone who picked up a guitar and learned from youtube videos and now plays at Nostalgica during Open Mic night as a musician. 

I understand there may be frustration coming from someone who has been taking piano lessons since they were four, dedicated hours and hours, and then an entire degree to music. Though, in the end, music is like any other language, we just want to keep it alive. Those guys dragging little drums in their bags are also musicians during the spontaneous drum circles outside Perez. All in their own way, depending on their need, desire and capacity.

If someone has grown up in a family that believes that global warming is a myth, I think acknowledging the fact that Mother Earth may need some help is a huge step.

So good job everyone!

~katherine - campus sustainability coordinator
photo credit - jonathan rausseo

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