I'm a freegan today. It's my birthday!

Friday, May 18, 2012

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I love the month of May. Apple trees are blooming, lilac trees smell like rainbows and I can party like a rockstar. Why? Because it’s my birthday and what better way to celebrate than with free stuff? Basically, it’s been my birthday all month thanks to Dump N’ Run : shampoo, lip balm, a cute dress, rockin’ heels and some summer reads. Least to say the Dump N’ Run has taken away any prejudice I might have had about receiving free things, hence my impatience to set up the permanent Free Store and my frequent visits to the FreeCycle website.

But back to the birthday part. I remembered reading about a girl having spent a day roaming Ottawa for birthday freebies. Not only do I get to wear my favourite dress and receive funny phone calls from relatives, but I can also get free stuff?? AWESOME! Thanks to Google and Yahoo Answers, I managed to track down a few stores I really wanted to visit, besides the obvious restaurants that offer a slice of cake or a drink. Here are a few fun ones:

1. Timothy’s offers a free coffee to anyone who joins their coffee club. Technically, it isn’t a birthday freebie, but maybe they’ll add some extra joy for your special day.

2. Booster Juice offers a free drink on your birthday if you sign up for their updates and what not. You can always send all the mail to your spam box and just check it on your birthday.

3. Sephora will give you a pretty little gift if you go to their store (no purchase necessary) and give them your email address. This year they are giving out a lip balm duo that smells like sunshine and protects your lips from the rays. Yum-my!

4. Dairy Queen ‘s “freebie” is only “free” if you get a friend to buy a medium sized Blizzard and you print off the special coupon. But! If a friend wants to treat you to an ice cream date, it’s ideal.

5. Denny’s offers a great big breakfast to help you recover from last night’s celebrations: pancakes, eggs, bacons, toast and coffee.

6. Tuckers marketplace offers you a free meal on your birthday. That's right free. What could be more freegan?

7. For gluten eaters, What a Bagel will give you a dozen bagels on your birthday. (I’m sooo jealous).

Oh, and if my suggestions are too tame, Hooters will give a t-shirt to the birthday boy or girl.


~katherine - campus sustainability coordinator
photo credit - jonathan rausseo

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