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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

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And so we begin another round of Community Service Learning courses for the new academic year. Devotees of this blog will remember that we just posted our Annual Report for the Living lab and that we worked with over 500 students last year. This year we not going to be able to do anywhere near as many students, but we will still be working with a bunch.

This semester alone, we will be working with 69 students across 6 courses. What are these projects you wonder? I am so glad you asked.
  • A campus sustainability literacy survey - how much do people on our campus know about sustainability?
  • A campus sustainability services survey - are the services we are offering cool or crappy?
  • Sustainability micro projects - 20 small, simple, and affordable projects that could make our campus more sustainable
  • Social justice / sustainability projects - track the life-cycle of a t-shirt and create a campus food map about where the food on campus comes from
  • Case studies about our greatest sustainability projects - kind of self explanatory
  • Sciencey stuff - a campus carbon sequestration map and a campus specific carbon sequestration map
So I am going to be super busy this semester and I already have a course or two lined up for next semester. Of course, if you find any of these projects tantalizing... maybe you should ask your prof if they are willing to do a campus sustainability Community Service Learning Placement. Do something cool and get course credit for it! 

I mean if you can't take a course about sustainability, why not just make sustainability part of your course?

You can find out more information at the CSL website and if you are interested in learning about the results of these projects... we are thinking of putting together a website with all the best projects.

~jON - campus sustainability manager
photo credit - jonathan rausseo

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