Four Sustainability Services You've Got To Try

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A student is excited to find a clcok at the uOttawa Free Store

Tip of the hat to the uOttawa Gazette who recently published an article about some of the great services student should try out on campus. Of course one of the services featured was our very own Muggy Mondays, a volunteer initiative that serves free coffee to students who bring their own mug.

Well we were so inspired by this article that we decided to pay tribute to it by listing our own 4 services students should try on campus.... sustainability style.

1. Muggy Mondays
Of course this service was already covered in the Gazette article but I also wanted to mention the Fair Trade angle. Muggy Mondays strives to ensure that everything they offer that can be Fair Trade, is in fact Fair Trade. That means the coffee, the tea, the hot chocolate, and even the sugar. By the way, Muggy  Mondays prides themselves on their excellent coffee and only gets the best stuff, which is why they procure their coffee from Cafe Alt.

2. Free Store
I mean the name basically speaks for itself. You go to the store and everything is free. You can drop off donations and hard to recycle items and it is free. Remember, the crew at the Free Store also makes sure that choice items get to the charities around the City that need it.

3. SFUO Sustainability Centre
Not to be confused with the Office of Campus Sustainability, the Sustainability Office is the SFUO's organizing group for all things green at the student federation. They offer free reusable water bottles, free dishware for small parties and events, and they organize the Farmers Markets on campus. They also make Green Weeks possible, a series of events promoting what you can do to be more sustainable.

4. Bike Coop
Get this, you bring in your bike and a technician helps you fix whatever is wrong with it. You get access to tools, you get access to equipment, and you get access to someone with know how. Do I really need to say anything else except that the whole thing is free. Walk in, fix your bike, pick up some new skills, walk away a champ.

~ jON - campus sustainability manager
photo credit - jonathan rausseo

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