Guerilla Recycling is back!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Volunteers get ready to Guerilla Recycle at the University of Ottawa

It’s happened… I have fallen down the waste reduction rabbit hole. I am not necessarily proud of this but digging through my household trash has become a nightly routine, a mission to properly sort any and all misplaced recycling and compost!

I’ve seen and smelled it all, yet I continue to do it because, in my heart of hearts I know that although I am just one person, my waste has a large environmental impact. The average Canadian produces 2.7 kg of waste every day! To me, that represents a whole lot of stuff that doesn’t necessarily have to end up in a landfill.

This year, as part of Recylemania, a group of brave crusaders will set out on a clandestine operation to properly sort waste on campus! A year ago, had you told me that burrowing through bags of trash would be an eye opening experience; I would not have believed you.

Having performed waste audits I can tell you that digging through garbage is FASCINATING! Not only have I learned how to properly dispose of my items (and maximise the impacts of my actions) but seeing other people’s trash made me realize how much of my own treasures I take for granted.

So I am inviting you all to join one of our missions in the following weeks. We will be meeting up in the lobby of 141 Louis Pasteur at 11:30am and setting out for an hour and a half every second week during Recyclemania (February 12th, February 26th, March 12th, March 19th and March 26th).

We would be glad to have you on our team! (And did we mention the awesome honorary guerrilla badge?) Send us an email. In case you would like to start your own household guerrilla recycling here are some helpful links.

City of Ottawa recycling

Recycling on campus

 ~ alice - volunteer and outreach coordinator

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