That's Why Muggy Mondays Serves Camino Hot Chocolate

Monday, November 23, 2015

uOttawa's Muggy Mondays proudly serves Camino Hot Chocolate
Mainstream chocolate typically comes from cocoa plantations in developing countries where workers are exploited and earn a pittance. Many plantations further resort to child labour to provide competitive prices, exploiting those who are forced to work at a young age in order to support their families. I have heard that some children are “sold” to cocoa plantations by relatives, while others are told that the job provides adequate income. These children are subjected to dangerous work conditions that include prolonged exposure to pesticides without protective clothing; heavy, dangerous equipment, whose use violates international labour laws; and even physical abuse. Child labourers are also typically denied access to education, which then continues this cycle of poverty.

Camino chocolate comes from cocoa that is grown and harvested by small-scale family farmers in the South. Farmers who work their own land and are part of a co-operative in their regional area. These farmers have an opportunity to vote on key decisions and participate in the democratic process of being part of a co-operative. When the co-operative is certified fair trade, the farmers receive many benefits including a minimum floor price for their harvest, pre-harvest financing, access to training, and more.

Fair-trade chocolate ensures farmers receive reliable compensation that allows them to plan for the long-term future, as well as their cooperatives receive a social premium to invest in community infrastructure. That's why Muggy Mondays serves Camino Hot Chocolate every week. Sure we could go with typical hot chocolate... but there are all the reasons in the world not to. Camino products are available in most grocery and natural health food stores across Canada. Choosing Camino chocolate means farmers earn a fair price for their harvest and social premiums are contributed to the co-op allowing for the purchase of equipment or other resources. Switching to Camino is just one simple step towards a fair, healthy, sustainable future.

~ catherine - muggy mondays coordinator

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