7 Reasons You Should Check Out The Free Store Today

Monday, February 27, 2017

a room full of kitchen ware at the uOttawa free Store

Here on campus we have a lot of cool places that are sort of university secrets, ones you only find out by word of mouth, only the senior students know, etc. We want to let you in on one of the coolest ones.

The Free Store, which collects 22.5 tonnes of donations every year, and you can have any of it...for free!

1. Donation bin
This bin fills up and has to be emptied every week. That is awesome, so many items for you to get your hands on.

A coordinator empties out the Free Store Donation Bin

2. Dump & Run
When people move out we have locations in residences where they can dump all the stuff they don’t want instead of throwing it out. Think of all the blankets...

The Free Store coordinators stand in front of a pile of clothing donations for the Dump and run

3. Toilet paper/paper towel
They have this new project where they take the toilet paper and power towel rolls that are partially used and you can take them for free. Cause who wants to buy more toilet paper?

A pile of Toilet and brown paper towels that students can have for free

4. Super nice staff
They are actually super nice and helpful. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

A group of student volunteers standing in the Free Store

5. Gorgeous building
I mean what other store has this kind of art on their walls? It is the coolest thing. They have a map for visitors to add a pin and even environmental facts painted on the wall. A must-see.

A map at the Free Store with pins indicating all the countries of the world that Free Store visitors have come from

6. Sustainable 
The entire purpose of this store is reduce waste. They collect the stuff you don’t want and let other people have it. It changing the way we consume in our day to day lives.

A selection of shoes and shirts from the Free Store

7. It’s free...seriously
When we say it’s free we mean it. 100% free

A shirt from the Free Store with the word Free writing on it

~ Clarissa - communications intern

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