25 Things To Do This March 25th for Earth Hour

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

uOttawa Earth Hour

When faced with the idea of turning all the power off in your home or in rez, people kind of run away. The idea seems somehow terrifying and boring all at the same time. So we came up with (but mostly Googled) some ways to participate in Earth Hour without sitting in the dark and doing nothing for a hour

*Please keep in mind that candles are not allowed in the residences at uOttawa and can be substituted by a flashlight or a electric candle.

1. Have in indoor picnic. Put a blanket on the floor, have a friend or two over, light some candles* and dig into some good finger foods. Chilling with friends and lots of food? Nothing better!

Students sit in the dark watching a movie on a screen at the University of Ottawa for Earth Hour

2. Host a movie night. This one is not going full 0 power but still pretty close. My floor and the floor below us in residence are having one for earth hour so that the only power used will be the tv, but all our rooms are powered down.

3. Sketch in the dark, then compare with friends when the lights come back on. Lots of fun and you might even discover a hidden talent.

4. Shadow puppets (with a flashlight/candle* and your hands) This is a super fun throwback to what our parents used to do before technology. Turn it into a whole story while you’re at it.

Check out the stars and the moon during earth Hour at the University of Ottawa

5. Study the stars (inside if it’s cold). This is more fun outside but if it’s still Canadian winter cold then do it indoors, still fun.

Check out all the amazing spaces in the city of Ottawa that look amazing

6. Take dark pictures / post using #earthhour. Instagram goals!

7. Play games. This can be board games, card games, or even just charades. Super fun and maybe even an added level of difficulty in the dark?
*By the way, you can borrow board games from the Library

8. Trivia night. Test your friends in an old fashioned game of trivia.

Light some candles and enjoy Earth Hour

9. Try candle-light* yoga or exercise. It’s a whole new feeling to do these in the dark, trust me it’s a must try.

10. Take a nap. (I came up with this one) No one suggested this and I don’t know why. Why not sleep? Is there anything more enjoyable than a good nap?

11. Unplugged jam session. You don’t need mics and amplifiers to have an awesome music night.

12. Read by candlelight* might not be the best for your eyes but relaxing nonetheless.

Friends together and talk in a room being lit by solar lamps during Earth Hour
Fondue party with solar lamps

13. Fondue doesn’t have to be done with electricity. A candle* makes for a great fondue.

14. Spoken Word Poetry. Few things are more moving than spoken word poetry and the added ambiance of candles and no lights with make it epic.

15. Indoor marshmallow roast. Get some skewers and a tealight and roast some marshmallows or use your fireplace, if you are fancy enough to have one.

16. Tell ghosts stories. Nothing is more fun than scaring your friends.

17. Build a pillow fort. #throwback

18. Calculate your annual energy bills. Feel justified (I just thought this was funny)

19. Meditate. You are supposed to close your eyes anyway so why not just turn off the lights?

Taking a walk in the dark during Earth Hour at the University of Ottawa

20. Go for a walk, with your dog! Or your friends if you don't have no dog.

21. Have a cuddle session. Why not? You don’t need lights to cozy up.

22. Go to a community event - Earth Hour Map

A glow stick is added to a drink to make it more exciting during Earth Hour
Glow stick drink from Atari

23. Have fun  with glowsticks. When would there ever be a better time (except maybe at the Bike Rave)?

24. Clean your whole house. Not fun necessarily but super productive.

25. EAT. Because you can’t feel guilty if you can’t see it.

~ clarissa - communications intern

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