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Monday, March 29, 2010

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Well I've never wrote a blog before so excuse the inaccuracies of how I am suppose to come about this. I never thought I would write a blog but within minutes of arriving on the job I stumbled upon the Eco team of Ottawa U mentioning Facebook, Twitter (which I've also never done), and a plethora of other informational vectors.

Maybe I should write about my agreed slavery to Jon and Brigitte, or the fact that for the passed 30 minutes I've been taking out stitches one by one of a uOttawa jacket. But all that would be unnecessary banter. Sticking to the facts, my first week has been a blast.

Arriving on the scene a little later than normal because of the unforeseen sending home of the last participant, it was my job to be the replacement. Throughout the week I walked around the large campus putting signs on recycle bins, composting for the Protection building which eventually goes into this huge worm pit (actually really interesting!), and other retrieval tasks.

The highlight would have to be the free vegan lunch I got on Wednesday by PRD which co-incited with my volunteering at The Free Store where I got an awesome picture of a tree! "Yes all these things are really free", some students just couldn't accept the simplicity of it all.

I came into Katimavik as my first stepping stone to my ultimate goal of, simply put, saving the world by doing the best I can. With the company of Brigitte and Jon it gives me real conviction and enthusiasm to succeed. Both ex students who had had enough of just talking about the problems on campus and decided to take matters into their own hands, I've told them both already, truly inspiring.

By and by it has been a most amazing week and I can only sit with an awaiting smile of what will be next. To all reading this, I hope I didn't make an "epic fail" on loosing my bloginity.

- david

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