Compost Origami

Sunday, August 01, 2010

So I wanted to get this video in really quickly before I get too many questions about what to do about compostable bags. I was lead to the concept of compost origami 6 months ago when a co-worker mentioned the idea to me. I clicked in instantly because origami paper baskets were the only thing I ever learned to make in cub scouts. When Brigitte asked me to post the video on our website I figured it was time to really push it out over our network.

It really is an elegant solution. Check out the video about and you should be able to make your own for compost bins at home. Just a few quick things;
  • You need to use at least 3 pieces of newspaper, sometimes 4. You can stuff an extra piece of crumpled up newspaper under the basket and that definitely helps soak up any "compost tea" (the liquid that is produced from the decomposition of organic materials)
  • You have to use a big newspaper like the Ottawa Citizen or the Globe & Mail, only they have pieces of paper large enough to fit in the bin
  • You need to change your paper within 2 or 3 days so that you can avoid bugs

I really like this origami solution for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it is cheap. The compost bags you can get in the store are super expensive. Second, the newspaper helps soak up the odour of the compost so that the bin doesn't smell too bad. Odour is one of the big reasons why people reject using compost bins. And third, the newspaper is upcycled into soil.

- jon

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