And That's a Wrap

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Photo credit: unknown

It has officially begun, this week I am going WASTE-FREE with my co-worker Marie-Pier. Although not as hardcore as Brigitte Morin (Waste Diversion Coordinator) who is undertaking this feat for the entirety of RecycleMania, I am still making an attempt to lower the impact I have on the planet. The average Canadian produces 1 840 lbs of waste per year, an obnoxious amount that gets sent to landfills. If we simply decrease our waste we can decrease the effects on the planet- including that of not only the trash baking in the sun; releasing harmful pollutants and leaching into the soils but also decrease the emissions released by transport trucks.

I understand that I will have much difficulty shopping tonight after work, as so many foods are packaged in unnecessary amounts of plastics that are not yet recyclable in the City of Ottawa. However, following Brigitte’s blogs on waste free tips will surely aid in my quest- see previous posts for details. Putting in place these practices for a week will surely change the way I shop in the future and I suggest everyone makes the attempt to see how difficult it is and to realize how environmentally unacceptable food packaging is.

While searching about food packaging I stumbled upon this ridiculous new idea by Del Monte to wrap bananas in a plastic covering. That’s right, bananas. Those perfect fruits naturally encircled with a fully compostable covering are being imprisoned in plastics by Del Monte, a company that prides itself on its sustainability claiming itself as stewards of the environment that strive to reduce waste and minimize materials used. Slightly hypocritical, no?

In response, Del Monte claims the bag will increase shelf life because it controls the ripening of the banana. However, the introduction of more waste to landfills and litter to sidewalks surely outweighs the tiny benefit of the wrapping. Note to self: if I ever see someone carrying a packaged banana, give them evil squinty eyes.


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