This Much Garbage Could Crush You

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Photo Credit: Jonathan Rausseo

On Friday, February 25, Annux Dossitt (age unknown) was seen preparing for the DILA (Day of Information for a Lifetime of Action) at uOttawa, an annual youth conference featuring a multitude of awareness-raising workshops intended to motivate.

"I’ve been to 'youth inspiring' type events before", Annux reported "so I’m used to the routine: listen to a handful of keynote speakers, go to workshops and develop your newfound inspiration, then think of ways you as an individual can go about solving the issues you’re passionate about. It’s not something I thought I’d do again, so it was nice being a part of that. What I wasn't used to was experiencing it from the opposite side; this time around I was the one leading and inspiring, rather than the one being led and inspired.”

Annux’s group decided to take part in the 'Human Trafficking' workshop, which raised awareness towards human slavery, and how is still very much a prevalent industry in today’s world. Despite being completely illegal, there are over twenty-seven million people exploited and manipulated into being slaves, whether it be for sex, labour, or even marriage.

Annux said he was “able to recognize the same passion in some of the students that he felt himself” and he was "keeping his expectations high for them"

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Alright, I think I've had newspaper overexposure…Y'see, besides DILA, Shredder and I have devoted the past 2 weeks entirely to newspapers. Not for conventional means, mind you: We've been using them for Origami and Crumpling them.

The Origami story is simple. We were handing out compost bins to the 90U rez, and, in the process, teaching them this

The Crumpling story, however, requires explanation. See, the average Canadian produces 30 garbage bags of waste a year, so in order to raise awareness about wastefulness we filled 30 garbage bags with crumpled newspapers (so they appeared full) and put them in a pile in the Sports Complex.

Thirty is a lot, sure, but that’s a year; Anything looks big when you multiply it by 365, right?

Lets put things in perspective:
It took Shredder and I THIRTEEN hours to fill those bags. That would mean that the average Canadian devotes over 40 days of their life PRODUCING WASTE ! Pretty depressing, isn't it? Well lets take into account Canada's population, shall we? About 33, 740, 000 - Each one filling an average of 30 garbage bags a year. Lets whip out the ol’ calculator. You ready for this?

1, 012, 200, 000 garbage bags. Three commas. Do you know what that means? ITS IN THE BILLIONS.

But hold on! It gets worse: each of those bags actually represents an extremely generous amount of garbage; about s 1840 pounds of garbage per single person. Dare I do the math? 62, 081, 600, 000 lbs of waste.... A year... In Canada alone... That’s equal to five million elephants.

You want to know what the biggest pissoff is? 80% of that waste was recyclable


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