Tips for living waste-free no 4. Hygiene products

Friday, March 04, 2011

Photo credit: Jonathan Rausseo

Almost all hygiene products have a waste-free alternative (or environmentally friendly alternative). Your tooth paste can be purchased in a fully recyclable container (Jason toothpastes – just look for the recyclable text under the recycling logo).

You can buy recyclable toothbrushes (Radius offers them, and soon you will be able to recycle all plastics on campus). The best wax product that I have found is the Nair roll-on beeswax – the packaging is completely recyclable (and the reusable strips are made of paper fibres which can be recycled if you clean them with warm water) The Body Shop offers a wide array of fully recyclable beauty products (they also offer pump bottles as an alternative to spray cans for hair products).

You can make your own or buy reusable handkerchiefs (Hankettes makes a great organic cotton handkerchief). You can choose to use reusable feminine hygiene products such as the Diva Cup and the Luna pad.

Am I forgetting any? YES! I am really happy to announce that I purchased biodegradable dental floss last night at Market Organics in the Byward Market! Thank you Radius for making such a wonderful product!

- brigitte

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