Des jeunes qui ont choisi de vivre sans déchets pour un an? | Youth choosing to live waste free for a year?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Absolutely amazing! I just had to talk about these four Kamloops, BC-based youth who have chosen to take the challenge of living waste free for one whole year. Inspirés par le projet Clean Bin (The clean bin project:, ils se sont promis de vivre sans magasinage, articles matériels, ni le luxe des emballages jetables. How many of you (at the age of 18) would have thought that living waste-free for a year was possible? Ça ne m’aurait même pas traversé l’esprit à 18 ans!

Almost a year ago, Marie-Pierre and I pledged to live waste-free for two months, which was a wonderful learning experience. Je planifie déjà mon prochain défi de vivre sans déchets lors de la compétition RecycloManie 2012 (devrais-je prolongée mon défi à 10-12 semaines?) Anyone interested in joining me? (I am just saying if these four champs can do it for a year; what’s one or two months?)

Check out their blog at: and encourage them to keep going.

Voici leur blogue:; encouragez-les de poursuivre leur aventure.


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