Goodbye Foursquare, Hello Green Maps

Friday, August 31, 2012

google map with check in icons for green elements on campus

Unfortunately the day has come and we have retired our Foursquare account. Things were good while they lasted but now we have to go.

The Office of Campus Sustainability will no longer be using Foursquare as a geo-location tool. There are couple of reasons why we are leaving the service (none of which have anything to do with the service provided by Foursquare... they are pretty awesome) but we will still be Green Maps as a tool to map sustainability on campus.

Thank you to all the folks out there that contributed to our Foursquare account and who shared our tips. We really do appreciate your interest and we hope to see you again in another social media life.

In the meantime, we will be transferring our sustainability 'check-in' tips and lists to the University of Ottawa's main Foursquare account. So don't worry, none of the information will be lost.

The Office has had a Green Map account for many years and we hope to soon be launching new features and maps to better serve the campus community. If you feel inclined, please take a look at what our Green Map has to offer and feel free to drop some sustainability tips there whenever you like.

~ jON - campus sustainability manager
photo credit - jonathan rausseo

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