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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

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Recycle Mania

So this week I am pledging to recycle mania, meaning I am not going to be purchasing or throwing out anything that cannot be recycled or composed.

You should try it and see how well you do! Please share if you do in fact try this out!

Recycle mania blurb

The hardest tasks to accomplish without wasting are the smallest tasks, like air drying your hands after washing them, bringing your own sugar for coffee or just drinking it black. But you know what it’s worth it, so go out and reuse (maybe recycle)!

Recycle Mania Summary

All in all, recycle mania is a great concept. Reusable mugs, containers and water bottles for the week wasn’t actually that hard to do at all! Just carrying around a bottle is great because you can always quench your thirst without having to buy and throw out a plastic bottle. Containers as well, it is so easy to just rinse them when you are done and use them again the next day. The hardest part of this week would have to be realized that every time you wash your hands, you use paper towel and throw it out. Every time you go the bathroom toilet paper is wasted. In a broader prospect, it isn’t difficult to reduce your ecological footprint. If we all tried a little bit harder to reuse and recycle, the earth would be in better shape today.

If you are really into this, you can even reduce the amount of water you use, the amount of electricity and the amount of gas you use per day!

Cheers O,

~ olivia e - uOttawa student

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