Water and Festivals and Bottles

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Photo credit: Jonathan Rausseo

This isn't a long post and it is certainly a message that you have heard before.... but.... please remember to bring your water bottle with you when you are headed outdoors, especially for things like festivals.

Tonight I am headed out to Bluesfest and I will be packing my trusty water canteen with me. Now if you have been to any festivals in Ottawa lately you will certainly be familiar with the WATER STATIONS that are popping up like weeds (I guess they are well watered- hahahaha... oh... I am lame). I really like these stations because they are really reminding people to bring your bottle or suffer the consequences.

I know this is a tough habit to pick up; after all, people like to travel light at these events. But water canteens are really more like a necessity now. Better to bring the bottle than be stuck with paying $4 for bottled water. Trust me, you will be happier buying a CD or a t-shirt from your favourite band.


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