Hi I'm New Here... So How Do I Be Green?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I enlisted in Katimavik hoping to get in right away, but I found out in July that I was on the dreaded 'waiting list'. I figured that was it; I’ll have to try again next time. And then, one day in august I decided to check my emails and found out that I got accepted into Katimavik's eco-citizenship and active life-styles. I quickly went from being so excited to being very nervous. I started thinking that I don’t know anything about being an eco-citizen! What if they judge me for not doing this "green stuff" back at home and not knowing everything about everything when it comes to the environment? When I finally calmed down (stopped thinking of the negative things) I thought well maybe I’ll learn... maybe this is something that I could bring back to my community and make a small difference.

Honestly back in Prince Albert Saskatchewan there is not a whole lot of recycling or composting so most things go right to the garbage (or even, right on the ground). Since I have been here (I just got to Ottawa two weeks ago) I realise how wrong that is and how we could do so much more with almost the same effort. And now I know for sure that we will be making a big difference to help our environment.

Now I am thinking to myself that I don’t just want to only do this for 6 moths and forget about it, I want to take this life-style back home... and not just for myself but everyone around me. Now the question is how will I do this! Well that's what I am here for; to lean as much as I can and bring my new thoughts and experiences back home.

~ lia - katimaviktim (guest blogger)
photo credit - jonathan rausseo

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