The Making of Muggy Mondays

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

cup of coffee near a computer

So you have an uncontrollable urge to drink coffee but you don't want to pay for it?
Fear not dear friends, Muggy Mondays has you covered, no questions asked.

Of course you are all familiar with the quirky characters of Muggy Mondays who bring you free coffee every Monday morning if you present a reusable coffee mug. And if you aren't familiar, drop by the FSS building on the second floor next Monday and we will remedy that problem for you.

But one of the things that many people don't realize is the tremendous amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to get that coffee into your hands, let alone the care and attention that goes into making that coffee for you. Allow me to shed some light on the Making of Muggy Mondays!

A good cup of coffee starts with the beans. For the past few years, Muggy Mondays has been using Detour Coffee procured from the good people at Café Alt. Recently, there was a switch over to Kicking Horse who had been lending some sponsoring power. Either way, great coffee for your drinking pleasure.

The next thing is training. All the staff at Muggy Mondays get some good on-the-job training and some special training sessions during the year. Muggy Mondays volunteers get a crash course in what makes for a good cup of coffee and what makes for an amazing cup of coffee.

Quite a few high quality machines are used to bring you some super duper coffee. They are indeed some very nice and nifty coffee machines, with carbon filters and all the bells and whistles. There are some thermoses to keep all that delicious coffee warm. We even have a grinder to make sure you get the freshest experience.

No seriously. There are healthy helpings of love mixed into almost every mug of coffee. In fact, half of the Muggy Mondays volunteers don't even drink coffee. They do it for the experience, for the friendships, and for the planet.

So next time you grab a cup of coffee from the Muggy Mondays table, don't forget about all the great work the volunteers are doing to get you the best cup of free coffee you'll ever have.

 ~jON - campus sustainability manager

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