Top tips for biking on campus

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Tips for riding your bike at uOttawa

There are many perks to biking to campus. Aside from the obvious health and environmental benefits of biking, the University of Ottawa has a bunch services to help with your commute. Here are a few things every campus biker should know about:

Bike Parking  

One of my favorite things about biking to campus is how affordable it is. No need to pay for a parking pass, just roll in and find a bike rack. The University is committed to improving bike amenities on campus namely by providing more racks. If you are having a hard time finding a rack, you can contact to put in a request for a new rack.

Biking doesn’t have to happen only when it’s nice out since there are a number of all-season bike racks around. Not keen on leaving your bike outside to face the harsh elements? Not a problem. Protected and indoor parking is available for your wheels (most of which are free but require a deposit).

Bike Repair Stations

Flat tires happen, we’ve all been there and they are a pain but luckily there are bike service stations spread out on campus to help you out. There are three stations on the main campus (between ART and SMD, in front of LMX and Roger Guidon).

Bike Coop 

Are you having issues with your bike? Visit the Bike Coop for a helping hand! The bike coop is over at the Lees campus, they have all the tools and parts you will need to fix up your vehicle. But wait, there’s more! Not only are their great staff there to help you but they also host a bunch of great workshops and events throughout the year. Check it out!

~ alice - guest blogger

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